BOI 2: 5 Tips for Building Social Media Connections and Followers


Session 2

In this session I answer one of the most common questions I hear from my social media followers, connections, and listeners. They ask: How can I grow my social media connections and followers?

When you are first starting out in growing your social media community, it can feel as if you’re living in a ghost town. What can you do to consistently grow your visibility and in turn, build loyal followers?

It takes some work to build your community, but in this session I outline 5 actionable tips that can get you going quickly.

Digital Marketing Tools that were mentioned in this episode (and that I also use personally and highly recommend):

Hootsuite Social Media Management Dashboard (referral link)

BufferApp Social Media Distribution Tool (referral link)

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About Stephanie Sammons

I share valuable tips and insights for entrepreneurs on how to build your digital influence and achieve personal business success in the digital age. The way I define true success is not just about money. It's about brain health, body health, and business health combined. Fortunately I learned this lesson after leaving my 15-year corporate career and becoming an entrepreneur at 40. It's tough to enjoy the success and wealth you accumulate if you are too stressed out, sick, or tired! I'm also an author and published the #1 Amazon best seller Linked to Influence. LinkedIn is my favorite social media platform for growing your influence!

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  • Stephanie, I enjoy listening to the podcasts on my drive to work. They are a great way to help me stay focused on my online marketing efforts. Plus, you have the best bumper music.

    • Stephanie Sammons

      Thanks Mike!

  • Great suggestions. The main intention of social media accounts for your business, is to increase your business! Be sure to put the majority of your effort into your customer, and potential customer connections.

  • nice strategy. surely helps in generating more traffic.

    except guest posting, i am doing pretty much the same as you did.

    ofcourse, i read various blogs, and i don’t stick to a niche as mine is a personal blog!!