BOI 5: 5 Tips for Personal and Professional Success in 2013

Stephanie Sammons 2013 Tips for Personal and Professional SuccessI don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do reflect on the prior year and think about what I’d like to change in the year ahead.

Mostly, I like to re-focus my attention on those activities that can make me feel great about myself and the life I’m living.

I believe that if you feel good about yourself, you’re going to have more confidence, more energy, and more satisfaction in your life. When you feel good, your mindset and your attitude are in the right place.

In this podcast episode, I talk about 5 activities that can help you work toward the goal of feeling great about yourself. These are the 5 activities I’m planning to focus on in 2013 and I hope you will as well! (I also share some of my own personal stories, challenges, and experiences in this episode)

Here are my 5 tips for creating a great 2013:

#1)Start and end your day with inspiration

#2)Commit to 30 minutes of physical activity everyday

#3)Get healthy ONE bite at a time

#4)Reconnect with passions and people who are important to you

#5)Do the hard stuff first


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The theme song for this podcast is “Bringing Me Back Down” written by Stephanie Sammons and produced by Jeff Howe. (Bryce Clarke rips on the electric geetar at the end of the show so keep listening!)

About Stephanie Sammons

Welcome! I'm Stephanie Sammons, a corporate 'renegade' turned digital entrepreneur. I help entrepreneurs grow their impact, influence, and income in the digital age. I’m also an author (Linked to Influence - #1 Amazon best-seller), speaker, online teacher, consultant, and singer-songwriter.

  • Great Tips Stephanie,
    All 5 are Perfect, however, #3 made me chuckle • ONE Bite at a time. Puts it in smaller pieces if you will.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    Great advice! Number 5 is my favorite: Do the hard stuff first. Today is Friday, so I’m not so hard on myself 🙂 But man I work to avoid social media and email first thing in the a.m. Focusing on creativity and the “hard stuff” first is the best way to go!

    • Thanks Craig! I saved the best for last :). It is really tough not to dive into email first thing. I suffer from that. It’s all about being disciplined…