Is Blogging Evolving?

Is Blogging Evolving

Blogging is evolving, or is it? Blogging is still about publishing content for your audience, but the kind of content we publish is certainly evolving. This is a wonderful thing because it gives us options and can provide more variety for our audiences.

Is long form better for blog posts (in-depth, detailed information/education), or short posts that express a quick idea, insight, or opinion? Text, video, or podcasting? Is it better to post something everyday, twice a day, twice a week, or once a month?

Let’s explore.

7 Ways to Turn Off Your Online Audience

turn off your online audience

When building your online brand and business, creating positive experiences for your target audience will develop trust and keep them coming back for more.

I’ve put together a list below of 7 ways you can turn off your online audience. These are common practices that I’ve experienced online that have caused me to unsubscribe from an email list or abandon a site. What about you?

The last thing you want to do is distract your target audience, waste their time, or lose their trust. These are big risks to take in the digital age because you only get one chance to make a great first impression when a visitor lands on your site.

7 Character Traits of Top Bloggers

character traits of top bloggers

I recently had the good fortune to both attend BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2011 and speak on “Blogging in Financial Services” at the conference. BlogWorld is a great conference because not only do you get to listen and learn from some smart and successful people, but you also get the opportunity to network with […]

Blogging for Charity – A Success Story About a Creative Financial Advisor

blogging for charity

This post originally appeared on the Wired Advisor eMarketing Blog I’ve had the privilege of knowing Brian Brode for over 15 years now.  He was once a mentor to me during my early days as a financial advisor at a major wirehouse firm, and he’s always had a passion for leading and coaching others. After […]

The Worst Seminar Invitation in History

worst seminar invitation in history

I frequently receive invitations to educational seminars in my mailbox at home.  I think seminars can still be valuable if they are positioned the right way.  For example, hosting an “experience” for a group of clients and asking them to bring a guest can still be effective.  But the traditional gathering of strangers in a […]

Build Your Digital Identity through Blogging

build your digital influence through blogging

Blogs are everywhere. These self-publishing platforms where individuals are showcasing their opinions and ideas exist in almost every industry, and chances are many of the websites you visit are actually blogs (including this one). Blogging is a modern-day marketing platform for cultivating client, prospect, and center of influence relationships. A well-designed and properly structured blog […]

How to Properly Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups

How to Properly Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn can provide many opportunities to build your professional presence online. In addition, you have an even greater opportunity to build new relationships by joining LinkedIn Groups, where you can expand your network further around your niche markets, passions, and interests.  The question is, how should you go about promoting your own content in order to […]

With Blogging and Social Media, Focus on What You Can Control

With Blogging and Social Media, Focus on What You Can Control

“The only things certain in life are death and taxes”  – Ben Franklin Let’s add one more thing to this quote…CHANGE. Change is inevitable, and speaking of change, the world of online search and social media changes frequently.  Over two months ago, LinkedIn changed the layout and functionality of “Groups” within the network.  A couple […]