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Stephanie Sammons 2013 Tips for Personal and Professional Success

BOI 5: 5 Tips for Personal and Professional Success in 2013

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? I’m not a fan of this. Instead, I like to reflect upon the year prior and think about how I might be better in the coming year. In this podcast episode, I share 5 tips to focus on in 2013 that work toward the goal of feeling great. If you feel great, you can accomplish great things!

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David Armstrong, CFA

BOI 4: Investment Strategist David Armstrong Shares Tips on Social Media Success

Build Online Influence Podcast Session 4: David Armstrong, Chartered Financial Analyst, shares some great tips for business professionals on using smart content strategy and social media marketing to attract and grow client relationships.

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BOI 2: 5 Tips for Building Social Media Connections and Followers

In this session I answer one of the most common questions I hear from my social media followers, connections, and listeners. They ask: How do I grow my social media connections and followers?

When you are first starting out in growing your social media community, it can feel as if you’re living in a ghost town. What can you do to consistently grow your visibility and in turn, build loyal followers?

It takes some work to build your community, but in this session I outline 5 actionable tips that can get you going quickly.

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Jeff Rose on Build Online Influence Radio

BOI 1: A Financial Advisor Who is Mastering the Art of Building Online Influence

Welcome to the launch episode of my new podcast, Build Online Influence Radio, where I’ll be interviewing successful online influencers who are actually building businesses as a direct result of building influence online!

Are you a business professional? If so, I guarantee you will hear some motivational stories and learn valuable insights and lessons for growing your digital influence if you subscribe to the show.

You’ll also hear questions and answers about digital marketing from business professionals just like you, and discover how to tap into your own “Influence DNA” to build your trusted network of followers in the age of social media! This and much more on Build Online Influence Radio.

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