Social Media Marketing World Insights #SMMW13

Did you miss Social Media Marketing World this year? I’ve rounded up some of the best insights for building your online influence in this post. Check it out! A big thanks to Mike Stelzner and the Social Media Examiner Team for running an outstanding conference.

Social Media and the Game of Golf

I recently played in a member/guest golf tournament with my Mom. She’s a great golfer, and I play in this tournament with her every year. It goes without saying that this tournament is highly competitive. These women are serious about their golf!

Well I’m one of those golfers who has been playing for years, but you probably couldn’t tell that from my scorecard. I can hit the ball well, but I don’t practice enough to “score” consistently. A handful of pars on 18 holes with a minimum of one disaster hole and that’s a good round for me!

7 Important Themes for Professional Practitioners Participating in Social Media

Important Themes for Professional Practitioners Participating in Social Media

If you are a financial advisor, CPA, lawyer, insurance agent, business consultant, or anyone in the business of selling services to clients, your social media foundation should be built upon the elements that are most relevant to growing your practice.

You have probably read and heard about many generic social media and blogging strategies that the so-called “big brands” are using to attract new customers, but what about those of us who are not in the business of selling products to the masses? Do you really need to capture significant market share, or simply land a handful of high quality clients or customers each year in order to increase your bottom line?