5 Advantages to Creating a Podcast for Your Business

Launching a Podcast TodayHave you considered creating a podcast for your business?

A couple of years ago I ran a weekly podcast with a friend of mine, Zack Miller, author of Tradestreaming. We covered trending digital topics that were impacting financial advisors in the areas of marketing, technology, and business management.  We had a chunk of loyal fans and listeners, but the subscriber base didn’t grow as fast as we wanted it to after a year’s worth of shows. I think part of the reason was because our audience may have been too narrow, and also because podcasting was still clunky to consume.

Fast forward a year later and now it seems that podcasting is on its way to becoming the new media darling. (See this post by Chris Brogan about podcasting making a comeback). Many of the top digital marketers and consultants have jumped in (some of them for the 2nd time).

Why is podcasting becoming more prevalent?

Simply put, the technology has quickly caught up with the medium. The most notable development is that consumers can now access and listen to podcasts on demand. Mobile apps such as the Downcast App and Stitcher can seamlessly sync new podcast shows to your smart phone or tablet while you sleep. In fact, Stitcher is now being made available in many 2013 automobile models. I recently had the opportunity to try this out in a GM model and it was totally awesome.

Mary Meeker, longtime investment research analyst and partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers believes that sound is going to be “HUGE”!  In her 2012 Internet Trends presentation (which is always a fascinating read), Meeker says:

144 Million Americans spend 52 minutes per day in cars, of which 76% of them are alone…this is largely untapped space

That untapped space could be occupied by YOU!

I do love the podcasting medium personally and that’s because I’m a hobbyist recording musician singer/songwriter. I’m comfortable with sound. Therefore, I couldn’t stay away for long, especially after seeing how quickly the “listening” technology is evolving. Several months ago I relaunched my own podcast under a new brand and theme (Subscribe to the Build Online Influence Podcast) so we’ll see how it goes. This time around, I’ve seen much greater traction and I do believe that we’re truly turning a corner with consumer adoption!

Remember that podcasting is a form of content production, so it does require your time and a commitment to the process in order to have sustainable success. If you’re thinking about creating a new podcast, below are 5 advantages to understand:

5 Advantages to Launching a Podcast Today

#1)Podcasting is easier than video

Everyone is pounding the table on how critical video is for growing you online presence. I think video can be very helpful, but video is definitely not for everyone. If you’re not comfortable on camera, it can actually hurt your reputation depending on the business you are in. Additionally there are lots of variables to think about with video; the camera, lighting, background, sound, etc.

#2)Podcasting offers a nice compliment, contrast, and break from writing

Writing is tough. It takes practice. Podcasting takes practice too, but it’s a bit more forgiving in terms of just being able to let it naturally flow. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll need an outline to follow, but you don’t have to worry so much about getting it perfect. In my opinion this just makes creating content more enjoyable. If you’re not as comfortable writing as you are speaking or you simply need a break from writing all the time, you may find podcasting to be a nice compliment to your blog content.

#3)Podcasting amplifies your personality

This one is really critical. Magic can happen when people can hear your voice. You are engaging the ears! When people hear your voice and your tone, it can be so much more powerful than just reading your words. Not only do they get the benefit of your words but they get a feel for your personality. By default, that means your listeners will feel closer to you and potentially develop greater trust. They will feel like they know you better.

#4)Podcasting is easier for consumers to consume

I mentioned this one above and believe it to be the most pivotal reason that podcasting is becoming so popular. Also, keep in mind that people can listen and multitask. They can listen to your show while they work, while they exercise, and while they drive!  It’s potentially more difficult or even impossible to try to engage in these activities while watching a video, for example.

#5)Podcasting equipment is affordable and simple to use

The newer line of USB microphones are really excellent and affordable (I’ll give some recs in my next post about podcasting). The editing software is essentially free. 10 years ago when I was first experimenting with recording my music you wouldn’t believe the complexity of the software and the bulkiness of the equipment, not to mention the expense! We’ve come a long way in this area.

Before you decide to jump into podcasting yourself, you will want to completely understand what’s involved from creating, producing, editing, and syndicating your show. I’ll be sharing more on how to get started in podcasting and what tools you need to launch an effective podcast. Although there are plenty of advanced techniques and expensive pieces of equipment out there, you can still produce a high quality show without all of that! I promise.


What are your thoughts? Does podcasting appeal to you? Are you thinking about starting your own podcast?

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About Stephanie Sammons

I'm a digital entrepreneur, writer, speaker, podcaster, and Certified Financial Planner. I'm also founder and CEO of Wired Advisor. I'm on a journey to build a successful personal digital business and share the insights and lessons learned with others who are trying to do the same.

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  • petematthew

    Totally agree, Stephanie. Early days for me yet with the MeaningfulMoney.tv podcast, which is a new venture after 2.5 years of video blogging. It’s a really different way of thinking and working, but very satisfying, and initial feedback has been positive.

    Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com has some great stuff on podcasting, and a great set of YouTube tutorials on how to get started.

    Looking forward to your future posts, and glad to have found your blog!

    • http://www.wiredadvisor.com/about Stephanie Sammons

      Thanks Pete!

  • http://twitter.com/jusbrand Justin Brand

    Agree with #4 – I used to listen to AdvisorGo Radio (and others) while running. The combination of exercise and listening to something work oriented really gets my brain ticking.

    Re #3, its amazing how much more of a connection you can create through voice. I’m usually either instantly hooked or immediately turned off once I hear someone talk about their business/content. Its another way of deciding if you can trust someone.

    As someone who works an ocean away from my clients and colleagues, I’m always having conversations with people in my industry over the phone/skype just so I can stay in touch with industry developments and ideas. Some of those conversations could easily be recorded in a more formal podcast format – and be useful to others. I’d like to create a podcast with an industry friend next year and discuss industry developments, etc in Australia. Just something very informal and practical – but professional.

    Looking forward to future posts.

    • http://www.wiredadvisor.com/about Stephanie Sammons

      great Justin thanks for sharing!

  • http://about.me/Lindeskog lyceum1776

    Stephanie Sammons: I found your post via BizSugar. I have been podcasting for several years. My plan is to start a new interview series in 2013. I agree with all your five points. I love Downcast app for my iPhone. I am subscribing to about 50 different podcasts at the moment. I mostly listen to podcasts during my weekend walks.

    • Stephanie Sammons

      Go for it sounds great!

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  • http://businessplanmentor.com/ Business Plan Mentor

    I hate people looking at me so video is out. I’ve been told my voice sounds like Betty Boop, so pod casting is out. What’s a blogger to do?? I’ll just keep doing what I do best, churning out awesome, EPIC content.
    Seriously, I plan to study your post more carefully. Thank you for the info!

    • http://www.stephaniesammons.com/ Stephanie Sammons

      Churning out epic “written” content is a fantastic option as well! Do what you enjoy and feel most comfortable with.

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