How to Use LinkedIn Today to Build Online Influence

One of the top reasons I participate in social media actively is to stay top of mind with my target markets. I want my connections and followers to view me as a person of influence who consistently delivers value. (Consistency builds trust as long as you deliver value.)

If you outsource you social media activities, what you get is updates and interactions minus your personality and personal insights. That makes it hard to build relationships and you will miss opportunities to go deeper with people.

Instead, if you can find ways to personally participate in social media efficiently and focus on high impact activities, you will be much better off. When my clients say “I just don’t have time for social media”, I respond with “well, how is it that I can run two companies as well as run my content publishing and social media activities myself?”  It comes down to smart marketing strategy and efficiency.

Let’s first take a look at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is probably my top social network of choice. There are so many opportunities to meaningfully interact and engage with members who are mostly working people. I believe any working person should be active on LinkedIn whether you are an employee or a business owner. By expanding your professional network, more people will learn about your career aspirations and/or your company. LinkedIn members are active, engaged, and affluent.

If you’re adding value consistently on LinkedIn, by default you are going to grow your network. Every new connection you make on LinkedIn can open doors for your business and/or your career.

Use “LinkedIn Today” to quickly and effectively build influence

Share trending stories from LinkedIn Today

The LinkedIn Today feature within LinkedIn makes it so very simple to find top trending news stories and share them with your connections. Why go out and waste your time surfing the entire web? Admittedly, LinkedIn Today is making a good case for replacing my RSS Reader.

When you share a trending story from LinkedIn Today, be sure to add your own comments in order to personalize your update. Additionally, you can share the update simultaneously with select LinkedIn Groups where you are a member (also add your own comments here), and to your Twitter profile. How is that for efficient social media participation?

Customize your LinkedIn Today dashboard

Make sure to customize LinkedIn Today by following topics, industries, and even specific publishers that are relevant to your interests, your business, and your industry!

Insider Tip: Click to see what news is trending in your network (see image below). This will show you what your connections are sharing with their connections.

Use LinkedIn Today to increase your visibility

Comment on LinkedIn Today stories

Recently LinkedIn has enabled comments on these news stories and you also can like, share, and save stories. Why not strike up a conversation in the comments section with LinkedIn members you don’t even know yet? What a great way to gain more visibility.

Any comments you leave on trending stories have the potential to show up on the home page of all of your connections.

Comment on LinkedIn Today Stories that are Trending

What About You? Will you start using LinkedIn Today more effectively?

If you visit LinkedIn Today once or twice per day and follow the sharing strategy I’ve outlined above, you will increase your LinkedIn visibility (and your value on the network) significantly.

Are you using LinkedIn Today as a part of your social media strategy?


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