How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Michael Stelzner invited me to be a guest on his wonderful and wildly successful Social Media Marketing Podcast. During this interview, I discuss my LinkedIn marketing strategies for building online influence. (building online influence ultimately leads to business success)

I’ve been researching, testing, and writing about LinkedIn for several years on the Social Media Examiner Blog, and this show represents the culmination of my findings. Also, I’ve been on both sides of the fence as someone who worked in corporate America for 15+ years and now as an entrepreneur for the last 3 1/2 years. This means that I can look at using a powerful network like LinkedIn from both perspectives.

Here are the interview notes and audio episode: LinkedIn for Lead Generation with Stephanie Sammons



About Stephanie Sammons

I share valuable tips and insights for entrepreneurs on how to build your digital influence and achieve personal business success in the digital age. The way I define true success is not just about money. It's about brain health, body health, and business health combined. Fortunately I learned this lesson after leaving my 15-year corporate career and becoming an entrepreneur at 40. It's tough to enjoy the success and wealth you accumulate if you are too stressed out, sick, or tired! I'm also an author and published the #1 Amazon best seller Linked to Influence. LinkedIn is my favorite social media platform for growing your influence!