Insights for Content Marketers from BlogWorld LA 2011

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I love going to the BlogWorld and New Media Conferences. It’s a great opportunity to listen to and network with many of the top thought leaders in online marketing, blogging, and social media. Each time I attend I come back with some valuable nuggets of wisdom and ideas to implement in my own businesses.

There are so many sessions that it’s impossible to attend them all, and occasionally I found myself in a few dead beat sessions because I had been pulled in by the titles! That just goes to show you how important Titles are in blog posts for capturing attention!  Also, I had to miss out on Saturday’s sessions and it looked like there were going to be some good ones!

Most of the sessions I attended were awesome, and I walked away with some great insights. Below are a few takeaways that resonated with me.

Key takeaways from my notes at BlogWorld LA 2011:

Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss)

Definition of Strategy? A realistic system for leveraging opportunity

“Own your offer and make it as narrow as you can. Be the best dog washer, don’t wash everything for everyone.”

“Don’t make your offer bigger than the trust you build.”

“Campaigns make sales, but community makes relationships”

Peter Shankman (@petershankman)

“If you’re not generating revenue with the tools you’re using, you are doing it wrong.”

“Have a backup plan for when you succeed!”

“You don’t control the direction of your company, your customers do.”

“Learn how to write. Good writing will save you.”

“If you want something you’ve never had before, do something you’ve never done before.” (i.e. Get out of your comfort zone, or stop complaining!)

“Have something you’re known for. Differentiate yourself from the crowd.”

“No setting can protect your from stupid!” (loved this one)

“Have fun! If you’re doing it right, you won’t know the difference between work and fun. You won’t be on your deathbed saying I wish I’d worked more.”

Mike Stelzner (@mike_stelzner)

PEOPLE never change; they want access to insights and information, great people, and recognition

“Help people with their small problems for free.”

“Give away your best secrets. No one can do it the way you do it. Eventually some of them will buy.”

“Content is the enabler and the skill.”

Expertise = great content, ideas, stories, and the people you attract

Pat Flynn (@PatFlynn)

“Be everywhere.”

Expand to new mediums (Podcasting, Video)

First impressions on your blog are critical. (I’m big on this…great design, simplicity, and usability are so important)

The new “Content Trifecta” is blogging, YouTube, and iTunes (podcasting). Go beyond the blog.

If you want to be the “go-to” resource, you have to go the extra mile.

A Few Additional Tweet Tips from BlogWorld LA 2011:

“1 of 2 women reads a blog & 80% of those who do, buy products based on a blogger recommendation” - @lisastone

Inspire people first, then inform -@Problogger

When everything is changing, being able to change is everything. Stagnation is death. -@AmberCadabra

“Bad writing is killing America and it will kill your business!” - @petershankman

Use relevant personal stories to tie your personal brand to your business marketing says @LisaBarone

If I’m at a point of need and you have a solution at the point of need, I’m more likely to convert.” -@techguerilla

Don’t leverage influencers, instead create advocates - @techguerilla

There were many more “nuggets” that came out of BlogWorld, but these were the ones I wanted to share today. I’d love to hear about other great insights from anyone who may have attended!



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  • allison_boyer

    Hey Stephanie, thanks for writing about your experiences at BWELA. You’ve got a great collection of tips here! I was in Liz Strauss’ session too, and it was fab, right? Anyway, thanks again and hope you get the chance to come back to future BlogWorlds!

    • Stephanie Sammons

      Hey thanks for stopping by Allison. Yes Liz was terrific. I had never seen her speak before. I’m sure I’ll be at the next Blogworld event. I’m a big fan!

    • stephsammons

      @allison_boyer Thanks Allison, and thanks for the mention in your Blogworld round-up post!

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  • VictoriaNicole23

    It’s really a smart marketing tips and insights for content marketers from blog world.Thank you for always feeding our brain.A lot to learn.

  • predsicker

    Hi Stephanie,

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you how nice it was to meet you at BlogWorld. I look forward to getting to know you better and being a regular visitor on your blog. Take care :)

    • stephsammons

      @predsicker Great to meet you as well and thanks for stopping by!

  • Joanna Wilson

    Great insights!“No setting can protect your from stupid!” you’re definitely right!I love that quote.Emphasize the reality of life.Thank you for sharing.

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  • tessmac

    Thank you for the wonderful tips.

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