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LinkedIn names Stephanie Sammons as a "Top 25 Social Media Expert You Must Know"
3 WordPress Tips to Save Time and Money

3 WordPress Set-up Tips That Can Save You Time and Money

WordPress powers 18.9% of the web. Some of the largest, most popular websites and blogs run on WordPress. There’s a good reason for this. It’s powerful, reliable, and extremely flexible software for showcasing your online […]

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LinkedIn Group Strategy Tips

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups can be valuable for making new connections, positioning yourself as an influencer, and increasing your profile views. But how do you find the right groups to participate in that are well-managed and worth […]

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Break through self-imposed limits

3 Ways to Break Through Your Self-Imposed Limits

Do you impose limits on yourself? Perhaps you are not aware that you do? If you’re not careful, you can find yourself stuck in life without even realizing it due to imaginary, self-imposed boundaries. The […]

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how to discover your business passion

3 Ways to Discover Your Business Passion

Are you building an online presence and business model around something you’re passionate about? Seems like an easy enough question to answer doesn’t it? In reality, sometimes it is not completely obvious until you do […]

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Should you accept that LinkedIn Invitation

Should You Accept or Decline that LinkedIn Invitation to Connect?

The most common question I’m asked when speaking to groups about marketing on LinkedIn is “should I accept or decline that invitation”? It’s a good question, and my answer is, it depends. What you want […]

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How to Stick to Your Commitments

Have you ever been hesitant to make a commitment in your life or your business? Do you struggle with sticking to the commitments you’ve made? A life commitment could be a personal goal, a relationship, […]

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7 Tips for Finding Your Unique Business Path [Part 2]

This is the second post in a 2-part series on 7 tips for finding your unique business path. In Part 1 of this article, I covered the following tips for finding your unique business path: […]

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