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LinkedIn names Stephanie Sammons as a "Top 25 Social Media Expert You Must Know"
how to discover your business passion

3 Ways to Discover Your Business Passion

Are you building an online presence and business model around something you’re passionate about?

Seems like an easy enough question to answer doesn’t it? In reality, sometimes it is not completely obvious until you do some soul searching and analyzing to determine your true business passion. If your business generates income for you, but you’re not passionate about what you are doing, ultimately you are not going to be fulfilled. To the extent that you can align your business with something that you are truly passionate about, you will be much more successful in the long run.

Finding your business passion will give you the energy and enthusiasm you need to stay on track, push through the hard times, and out-hustle your competitors. Business passion fosters business sustainability.

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Should you accept that LinkedIn Invitation

Should You Accept or Decline that LinkedIn Invitation to Connect?

The most common question I’m asked when speaking to groups about marketing on LinkedIn is “should I accept or decline that invitation”? It’s a good question, and my answer is, it depends. What you want to do on LinkedIn is build an intelligent network without limiting opportunities to expand your reach beyond the obvious.

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How to Stick to Your Commitments

Have you ever been hesitant to make a commitment in your life or your business? Do you struggle with sticking to the commitments you’ve made?

A life commitment could be a personal goal, a relationship, or even a project you want to complete. A business commitment can be finishing something you start to following through on delivering what you’ve promised. It can also be stating publicly that you plan to do something or launch something, and following through on that statement.

Some commitments are easy, and some are difficult. The reason we avoid making difficult commitments is because we are afraid.

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7 Tips for Finding Your Unique Business Path [Part 2]

This is the second post in a 2-part series on 7 tips for finding your unique business path. In Part 1 of this article, I covered the following tips for finding your unique business path: Identify your strengths, tap into your personal and professional experiences, build a digital platform, and build your influencer power list. Get ready for Part-2!

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social media marketing world

Social Media Marketing World Insights #SMMW13

Did you miss Social Media Marketing World this year? I’ve rounded up some of the best insights for building your online influence in this post. Check it out! A big thanks to Mike Stelzner and the Social Media Examiner Team for running an outstanding conference.

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LinkedIn Launches “Mentions” to Start Conversations

I am quite excited about a new feature that LinkedIn is launching today. You can now start conversations on LinkedIn through mentions. What this means is that you can “mention” companies and connections in your […]

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LinkedIn Group Post Using Buffer

LinkedIn Groups Updated to Fight Promotional Posts

Have you been trying to share your blog posts or links to articles within LinkedIn Groups and finding that they aren’t showing up?

Recently LinkedIn eliminated RSS feeds from groups as a way to help group managers control the volume of posts coming in as discussions as well as to control spam. But the effort didn’t stop there. I’ve recently investigated what has changed regarding posting to LinkedIn Groups.

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LinkedIn Expert Stephanie Sammons

How Business Professionals Can Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Michael Stelzner invited me to be a guest on his wonderful and wildly successful Social Media Marketing Podcast. During this interview, I discuss my LinkedIn marketing strategies for building online influence, which ultimately leads to business success.

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