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In my brand new book,  Linked to Influence, I share my influence marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to boost their business success with LinkedIn. The book is due out summer of 2015.

LinkedIn was a life-saver for me when I left my 15-year corporate career, but it really didn't start working for me until I shifted my mindset. An influence mindset is people focused, not marketing focused. When you build influence on LinkedIn, you earn credibility and trust from your network. By default, building your LinkedIn influence will grow your business!

Linked to Influence by Stephanie Sammons

My Story

I'm a digital business and marketing growth strategist for entrepreneurs. I help my clients and community members monetize their expertise online through strategic personal branding, business, and marketing guidance.

Over the last five years as a digital entrepreneur, I've consulted with more than 100 entrepreneurs to help each of them develop their unique personal digital brands, business and marketing platforms.

Whether you are looking to grow an existing business, launch a second career, or start a brand new venture based on your unique expertise, I can help you bridge the gap between overwhelm...and opportunity!

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