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Linked to Influence

I'm the author of the upcoming book, Linked to Influence. In the book I share 7 powerful rules for becoming a top influencer in your market and attracting your ideal clients on LinkedIn. (The book is due out August of 2015)

LinkedIn was a life-saver for me when I left my 15-year corporate career, but it really didn't start working for me until I shifted my mindset. An influence mindset is people focused, not marketing focused. Business is personal. When you build your personal influence on LinkedIn, good things are going to happen for your business!

Linked to Influence by Stephanie Sammons

Who I Am

I'm Stephanie Sammons. I help professional services entrepreneurs master the art of digital client attraction™ through powerful personal branding, smart online networking, and influence-based marketing.

Over the past 5+ years, I've helped more than 100 professional services entrepreneurs develop and grow their digital client attraction platforms.

My clients and community members are financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, consultants and coaches who rely on client relationships and referrals to grow their businesses.

Prior to launching my own virtual client business in 2009, I spent 15 years in the financial advisory industry where I built a successful wealth management practice and trained thousands of financial advisors on high trust client attraction, acquisition, and retention strategies.

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"Stephanie Sammons is a Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader"
Jason Miller, Leading Global Content Marketing for LinkedIn 

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