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LinkedIn names Stephanie Sammons as a "Top 25 Social Media Expert You Must Know"
The Worst Seminar Invitation in History

The Worst Seminar Invitation in History

I frequently receive invitations to educational seminars in my mailbox at home.  I think seminars can still be valuable if they are positioned the right way.  For example, hosting an “experience” for a group of […]

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Mountain Man

Build Your Digital Identity through Blogging

photo credit: BurningQuestion Blogs are everywhere. These self-publishing platforms where individuals are showcasing their opinions and ideas exist in almost every industry, and chances are many of the websites you visit are actually blogs (including […]

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LinkedIn for Professionals

5 Ways to Develop More Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

The value of building and expanding your professional network on LinkedIn is extremely important for professionals.  Strategies for building your connections on LinkedIn include participating in groups, updating your status, answering questions, and sending invitations […]

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An example of generating discussion from a blog post in LinkedIn Groups

How to Properly Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn can provide many opportunities to build your professional presence online.  In addition, you have an even greater opportunity to build new relationships by joining LinkedIn Groups, where you can expand your network further around your […]

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changes in social media are inevitable

With Blogging and Social Media, Focus on What You Can Control

“The only things certain in life are death and taxes”  – Ben Franklin Let’s add one more thing to this quote…CHANGE. Change is inevitable, and speaking of change, the world of online search and social […]

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Professional practitioners and social media

7 Important Themes for Professional Practitioners Participating in Social Media

If you are a financial advisor, CPA, lawyer, insurance agent, business consultant, or anyone in the business of selling services to clients, your social media foundation should be built upon the elements that are most […]

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"Top Women in Hedge Funds"

Top 50 Women in Hedge Funds Revealed

It’s been a mystery, until now.  The Hedge Fund Journal in partnership with Price- WaterhouseCoopers has revealed the Top 50 Women in Hedge Funds.  I wrote an article several months ago entitled “Should You Hire a […]

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New York Wallstreet

New Media Investment Platforms Empowering Investors

Image by derbokon via Flickr There was an article in Reuters last week about this concept that I call new media investing.  Financial advisors have had a rough go of it for about the last […]

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