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LinkedIn was a life-saver for me when I left my 15-year corporate career. I was able to build a rich and valuable network in a fairly short period of time and leverage this powerful platform to accelerate the growth of my business. In my brand new book, Linked to Growth, I share 9 Undeniable Rules for Entrepreneurs to Win Business on LinkedIn. These 9 rules will give you a step-by-step LinkedIn growth plan for success, whether you are launching a new business or trying to grow an existing one.

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My Story

I specialize in helping independent entrepreneurs who are 40+ with strategies and tools for creating an online personal brand and business.

My core teaching process was developed from my own personal experience of leaving the corporate world after 15 years and starting over. (I was formerly a Private Wealth Manager and Regional VP with two major financial services firms)

As a digital entrepreneur who launched at 40, I've learned that there are tremendous opportunities for those of us in this life stage to create a successful online personal brand and profitable business. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the connections to make it happen!

My mission is to help us all find greater success together through the journey of entrepreneurship at 40+.

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"Stephanie Sammons is a Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader"
Jason Miller, Leading Global Content Marketing for LinkedIn 

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