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Linked to Influence

I'm the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, Linked to Influence.

In the book I share 7 powerful rules for becoming a top influencer in your market and attracting your ideal clients on LinkedIn.

This book is different from the other LinkedIn books out there. It is a comprehensive, actionable strategy guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners that teaches you how to build your personal influence on LinkedIn. An influence mindset is people focused, not marketing focused!

When you build your personal influence on LinkedIn, you will attract the right people and opportunities into your business. I show you exactly how to get Linked to Influence in this book and accomplish your professional goals.

Linked to Influence by Stephanie Sammons

About Stephanie

Stephanie Sammons is a corporate renegade turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur. She left her 15-year corporate financial services career in the midst of the global financial crisis at the age of 40 to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
As an entrepreneur, Stephanie went from being completely ‘unknown' in the digital business and marketing industry to emerging as a top thought leader and influencer. She’s been named a Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader and Top 25 Social Media Expert by LinkedIn. She has also been recognized as one of the Top 30 Women in Social Media by Boom Social.
Stephanie’s work with entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe combines her high-trust relationship marketing and selling experience with modern digital media and social networking strategies.
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"Stephanie Sammons is a Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader"
Jason Miller, Leading Global Content Marketing for LinkedIn 

Get a FREE excerpt from my new book: