About Stephanie

About Stephanie Sammons

Welcome! I’m Stephanie Sammons.

I’m a personal brand strategist and influence architect. I’m also a best selling author, consultant, mentor, coach, speaker, podcaster, online educator, technology whiz, and creative mind all rolled into one!

I help entrepreneurs create and leverage their Personal Influence Advantage to thrive in the digital age.

Business is personal. You can’t compete very well these days on price, product, and performance. Those things are expected to be in line.

To stand out and create a real advantage in the digital age, you need a personalized and influential brand that creates an authentic connection with people.

Your personal brand is what sets you apart from everyone else out there who does what you do. It’s the only true differentiator.

I believe that there has never been a more compelling time in history to capitalize on your Personal Influence Advantage™. The future of work as we know it will be filled with entrepreneurial experts and educators.

Real Influencers Go Beyond Influence

Real influencers are leaders. They are called to share their message and help others. They live to make a difference through their work and contributions.

Real influencers also do a lot of work behind the scenes. They adopt a habit of progress and constantly work to improve their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives.

Real influencers have a desire to be their best selves, do their best work, and live their best lives.

I call this idea Influence & beyond™. In fact, I love the idea so much that I’ve named my new podcast after it!

Influence & beyond™ means constantly striving to be your best self, do your best work, and live your best life.

My Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about leadership and influence.

I was the girl who always took on the leadership challenges. I was the team leader of all my sports teams growing up. I was the mascot at my high school (3000 students), point guard and captain of my college basketball team, and also a high school teacher and coach.

Before I became an entrepreneur at age 40 back in 2009, I was in wealth management and corporate leadership roles for 15 years combined.

The end of my corporate career was quite a painful experience. I was forced to walk away from everything I had built trying to climb the corporate ladder, and I lost my mojo for awhile.

I had to pick myself up and start all over again from scratch. It was scary and difficult. It took a lot of courage (my most favorite word ever) to get back out there.

Ultimately I was able to reinvent myself. I became an entrepreneur and started building my personal brand. From day one, I have focused on the slow and steady process of growing my influence to build sustainable business equity.

Another thing that changed in my life was how I viewed work in the context of everything else.

Many of the clients I had worked with during my corporate career were wealthy, but they were stressed out, in poor health, or had broken marriages or families. One of my clients dropped dead at 52.

This experience had a profound impact on me. I remember thinking to myself “this is not success”.

I learned that true success means also having some balance in your life.

You become a better person, partner, parent, and professional through balance. Balance opens up that much needed time and space in your life for personal growth.

My big life change would have ever been possible without the opportunity to build a personal brand, create content, connect with like-minded people, and grow my influence.

You can do the same. And you can start from right where you are.

You can create your personal brand and grow your influence in the digital age while earning the income you deserve and having the lifestyle you desire.

This what Influence & beyond™ is all about. It’s about becoming your best self, doing your best work, and living your best life.

Pretty cool huh? It’s highly likely that the only thing standing in your way…is fear.

My Best Selling Book

I published my first business book in the fall of 2015 titled Linked to Influence, 7 Powerful Rules for Becoming a Top Influencer in Your Market and Attracting Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn. The book has become a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Entrepreneurship and Small Business books.

LinkedIn is the one of the most powerful platforms for building your influence and attracting your ideal clients or customers. My book shows you how, step-by-step.

I've written extensively on the topic of LinkedIn marketing and business for entrepreneurs. I've also been a speaker on the topic of LinkedIn at Social Media Marketing World, Social Media Success Summit, New Media Expo, Agents of Change, FinCon, and Podcast Movement.

LinkedIn named me to their Top 25 Social Media Experts and Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader lists.

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The Personal Side

Stephanie Sammons

When I asked my closest friends, colleagues, and coaches what words they would use to describe me, these were the most common: fierce, funny, intense, thoughtful, kind, competitive, driven, creative, caring, practical, optimistic...and sometimes 'pain in the ass'. What can I say? :)

Here are some personal tidbits about me that you may not know:

  • I grew up in Plano, Texas and graduated in the top 10% of my class of 1500 students. I was an All-District point guard, honors student, and the high school mascot (I wore a wildcat suit and acted crazy at football games!)
  • I played college basketball (5’4″ Point Guard, Division I and II) and was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority at the University of Oklahoma (Go Sooners!)
  • My college degree is a BBA in Economics
  • I was a financial advisor and wealth manager for 15 years at Merrill Lynch and UBS. I also served in corporate leadership roles at both firms.
  • I'm a left and right brain person: I love business, technology and finance, but I'm also a musician and occasional artist. (My awesome artist sister is teaching me how to paint)
  • I'm passionate about personal growth in all areas of my life and love to integrate what I learn into my teaching
  • I was a high school business/economics teacher and basketball coach my first two years out of college
  • I'm a stepmom to two awesome teenage boys with my partner of 10 years
  • I’m a singer-songwriter and play acoustic guitar (my Gibson Hummingbird is my all-time fav)
  • I practice hot yoga regularly and can hang out in a handstand for a good while
  • I LOVE the Dallas Cowboys and wear cowgirl boots frequently!
  • I have a Chihuahua (Sugar Bear) and an Aussie mix (Sadie) - Sugar Bear is in charge
  • I was diagnosed with ADHD at 44 (this explained a lot about my life)
  • I'm a snowboarder and love hiking in the mountains
  • I enjoy travel, adventure, and new experiences
  • I'm into health, nutrition, and neuroscience - my parents' have also owned a health store for 20+ years
  • I'm a wine enthusiast and passionate about the art of winemaking

My Music

I've been writing and recording music as a singer-songwriter for over a decade. You can check out a few of my original tunes HERE.

Stephanie Sammons Music